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Puppy Pre-School & Socialization (6 weeks):  For puppies 8 to 20 weeks.  A great beginning class for puppies and their owners to get a great start.  Puppy Pre-School is invaluable in avoiding future behavior problems and making your training experience much smoother.  The class will be a very positive introduction to training, preventing behavior problems, and in building a relationship with the other members of the family.  All behavior problems will be thoroughly discussed along with socialization.  Training and various types of socialization result in a confident, well-adjusted adult dog.  A licensed veterinarian will also be there to discuss puppy health and medical needs.  All puppies MUST be current on all vaccinations and have a complete health check up from a licensed veterinarian before entering the class.  This class is held indoors.  The floors are treated in an effort to discourage the spreading of viruses.  Due to popular demand, reservations are requested.  Class size is limited.  First meeting is held without the puppies.

Beginning Novice (7 weeks):  A class designed for all dogs 4 months or older.  All basic obedience exercises will be taught, such as heeling (walking on the leash without pulling or tugging), automatic sit when you come to a stop, teaching your dog to “come” on command, sit and down stays up to a leash length away with distractions,  the “stand” exercise (good for grooming, bathing or veterinarian checks), boundary training, and more!  All behavior problems will be addressed such as, jumping, digging, biting, barking, chewing, housebreaking, dashing out doors or gates, and more!

Intermediate (7 weeks):  All novice exercises will be perfected in an effort to work towards off-leash control.  Great class to perfect home obedience, prepare to show in obedience competition and enhance overall obedience needed in Flyball, Agility and other off-leash related activities.  Exercises to work towards a CGC, Canine Good Citizenship Certificate, will be offered.  Pre-Registration required for all Intermediate classes.  To reserve your spot and pre-register, call and leave your name, address and class date request.  We will mail you an enrollment form.  Please complete and return to LODO (address will be provided on the form).

"Tricks for Dogs" (4 weeks): Let’s have some fun with your dog! Have you ever wanted to teach your dog a trick or two? If so, this is the class for you. This class is exciting and fun filled with all sorts of tricks such as, shake, rollover, crawl, speak, sit-up and more! *All dogs must have successfully completed a Beginning Novice Obedience Course (exceptions may be considered) NO AGGRESSIVE DOG’S.

Advanced (8 weeks):  For all dogs that have successfully completed the Intermediate class.  This class works towards perfecting on and off leash obedience control.  Hand signals, retrieving, drop on recall, high jumps will be introduced, etc..  Great continuance to perfect both home and/or obedience competition and any other dog activities requiring off-leash control.  A much-needed class for those who want to achieve solid obedience control in public with many distractions!

Clicker Training (Clicker 1=beginning and Clicker 2=for more advanced tricks or obedience control):  A motivational method of training your dog by using the “clicker.”  The “clicker method” was originally developed by Gary Wilkes and Karen Pryor, both well known animal behaviorists.  Great class for those dogs that do not respond to the traditional methods of dog training.  This class shows alternative methods in teaching your dog many different exercises, tricks, or jobs to do around the house!  The “clicker method” can be used to sharpen your obedience exercises.  Many owners enjoy this class and method to teach their dogs tricks such as “fetch a soda, fetch the remote, fetch a Kleenex after I sneeze, play dead, roll over,” and more!  A fun and exciting class you can’t miss!  All dogs must have completed a Beginning Novice class before attending.

Flyball (7 weeks):  The fastest growing dog activity.  Flyball is a race between two teams consisting of four dogs on each team.  Dogs jump four hurdles en route to a box containing tennis balls.  Once each dog reaches the box, the dog steps on a pedal, triggering the release of one ball.  The dog must catch the ball and return with it to the starting line to qualify.  All dogs must have completed a Beginning Novice class before attending Flyball.  It is highly recommended to attend either or both an Intermediate and Advanced level course, as the sport is performed off-leash.  Once the dog is thoroughly trained, off-leash obedience is necessary.  No dogs under 1 year of age (due to soft bone tissue).  Great sport for those ball crazy, high energy dogs!

Social Graces (3 weeks):  A class designed to achieve a “well mannered dog.”  The class focuses on everyday household manners, with less focus on routine obedience exercises.  The class will cover: getting in and out of a car on command, discouraging/eliminating jumping, border training, tricks, games, structured socialization and much more!  This class is three weeks long, lasting approximately an hour and a half.  All dogs must have completed a Beginning Novice class before attending “Social Graces.”  A very fun and informative experience.

Each graduate receives a 
Beautiful Certificate of Completion

Canine Good Citizenship Testing (CGC):  Open to all dogs, mixed or pure!  A test sponsored by the American Kennel Club, hosted by LODO, in order to gain greater public acceptance of dogs.  A series of 10 exercises is required for the dog to pass.  We recommend that the dog complete a Beginning Novice and/or Intermediate/Advanced class before testing.  A wonderful program to promote responsible pet ownership.  CGC certificates will be awarded to those dogs that pass.  Call for upcoming test date.

*Open Obedience:  For all dogs that have successfully completed Advanced.  All jumping and retrieving exercises will be taught to prepare for show or just to challenge your dog in different areas.  All hand signals, along with the drop on recall, sit and down stays OUT OF SIGHT, will be covered.  *Utility classes scheduled based upon demand.

Annual Canine Fun Day:  A dog-gone fun filled event inviting our new, existing and continuing clients to participate or simply observe.  Organized activities such as games - water relay races, T-shirt relay, musical sits, etc., a Dog Owner Look Alike Contest, Best Trick Contest, Mini Agility Ring, Novice Dog Show, Raffle drawing, special event demonstrations (vary each year) and more!  Event is usually held in September.  Please call for date and location.  No admission charge!  We welcome well-mannered, socialized dogs at this event.  No aggressive dogs will be allowed. 

 Live Oak Dog Obedience is pleased to join hands with PET'S DELIGHT in Glendora!  PET'S DELIGHT has invited us to conduct Puppy Pre-School/Socialization classes inside their store!  Stop by Pet's Delight and see the pet's and pet supplies.  PET'S DELIGHT is under NEW MANAGEMENT.

Classes Currently offered in these cities
in Southern California: 

Alta Loma, Upland, Claremont, Montclair, Diamond Bar, 
Rancho Cucamonga, La Verne, and Glendora

--See Schedules for each Class Location--

Private In-Home Training Available!

Offering a variety of classes and services:

Obedience Training:  Puppy Pre-School/Socialization, Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced.

Clicker Training (tricks and more!),  Flyball, Social Graces (home training tips), Canine Good Citizenship (CGC).




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Live Oak Dog Obedience is an establishment recommended by Veterinarians!


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